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Outpatient Therapy and Assessment

Counseling services help individuals, couples, families and groups  gain insight into the causes of problems, seek positive alternatives, and develop solutions.

Through counseling, you may explore thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, and wishes as well as patterns of relating to others. You may reflect on past decisions or experiences and their consequences; you may evaluate future goals and decisions.

People seek counseling services for many reasons:

          *  Depression and anxiety
          *  Marital and family relationships
          *  Addictions
          *  Disruptive behaviors and school problems
          *  Stress and anger management
          *  Trauma
          *  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

          *  Social Phobia
          *  Serious and persistent mental illnesses
          *  Attachment Disorders
          *  Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders

For some individuals and families, outpatient counseling can be mobile, occurring in your home or in the community.




BHRS // Wraparound Services

The wraparound concept describes family-centered services that “wrap around” each child in order to promote the child’s growth in the context of his or her family, school and community.

Wraparound services are funded through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and are available to children from birth to age 21 who have serious emotional or behavioral disorders.

Behavioral Specialist Consulting (BSC)

A specialized service provided by a Master’s level clinician trained in behavior strategies.  The consultant works with the therapist, family, school, and others to  develop a behavioral modification plan specific to each child.

Mobile Therapy (MT) 

Intensive psychotherapy sessions provided by a Master’s level therapist.  These services are provided to the child and family in non-clinical, community settings such as the home, church, or school.

Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) 

One-on-one assistance to children and families while implementing the child's individual treatment plan in the home, school or community.  Support staff are supervised by both the Mobile Therapist and a Licensed Psychologist.

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